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Welcome on the ICD-LASMIS team website

The LASMIS Team is focusing on research around product engineering. The four main research projects described below show the strong link which needs to be studied between: the understanding of material physics, the understanding of physics for product manufacturing simulation and a virtual product development approach.

To carry out these projects, the Team relies on international-level specialist research relating to:

  • The elaboration and treatment of materials
  • the characterisation of parts and structures
  • the material, processes and product modelling
  • the numerical and software development

The four main team projects are dealt with in operational sub-projects (research in partnership, supervision of PHD students) to reach the following objectives progressively:

  • Development of advanced materials
  • Development of processes for residual stresses generation
  • Development of a virtual manufacturing platform
  • Development of a virtual product engineering platform

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The Laboratory of Mechanical Systems and Concurrent Engineering LASMIS was set up in September 1994 at the same time as the University of Technology of Troyes. In 1999 LASMIS became an ‘Equipe d’Accueil’ EA3171, status given by the Ministry and, in 2004 it has been an associate laboratory with the National Centre for Scientific Research with FRE2719 classification. Since 1 January 2006, the LASMIS team has been a research team belonging to the Charles Delaunay Institute.